1. JoAnn’s Quiz: Answer These Questions to Create Your Ideal Learning Adventure

    Tell me about your ideal educational travel experience.

    Which learning opportunity is currently sparking your interest? Do you want to learn about iconic American cities? Or the natural wonders of America’s National Parks? Do you want the challenge and thrill of learning about exotic cultures, people and places very different from your own? Or is experiencing the art, culture and history of European cities your passion?


    Once you’ve determined a direction for your learning adventure, you can consider the details of the experience. Do you like the intimacy of a small group? Or are you someone who loves the excitement that comes with “the more the merrier” perspective on life? Do you want a comprehensively planned learning experience? Or do you prefer a more flexible approach to learning, with some meals and time on your own so you can make your own discoveries?

    Let’s move on to accommodations. Do you think of your lodgings as just a place to rest your head after a full day? Or do you think where you stay is an important part of your experience, and it’s worth spending a little bit more for that? If you’re travelling solo, do you want a room for yourself? Or do you think being matched with another solo traveler is a great way to make a new friend?

    Last question. How active do you want to be? Are you looking for as little walking as possible? Or are you ready to lace up your hiking boats and hit the trails in the Alps?


    I could ask you more, but this gives me a great idea of what you’re looking for. And you’ll be pleased to know I’m pretty sure we have something that fits what you’ve described. How could I possibly know that? That’s the beauty of Road Scholar: As a not-for-profit organization, it’s our mission to meet the changing needs of our participants. We are working to provide for everyone who wants to learn about the world, whether a participant wants a small-group or a large-group experience, accommodations in the center of it all or just outside, or an easy or fast-paced learning adventure.

    It wasn’t always this way. Twenty five or thirty years ago, we could offer a one-size-fits-all educational experience. Back then, our participants enjoyed staying in a conference center or on a university campus, and they preferred having everything included. The times have changed and the way we plan our programs has changed, too.

    For example, take one of our most popular destinations — New Orleans. We offer about ten learning adventures in the Crescent City. There’s our traditional program with lodgings outside the French Quarter, another program with very similar educational experiences, but with lodgings in the heart of it all right on Bourbon Street, and now our newest FLEX program that also stays on Bourbon Street but is more active and includes more independent time. We have a program that focuses on Mardi Gras, another on the Jazz Festival and a couple that take you to New Orleans by riverboat on the Mississippi and one on a cruise ship through the Caribbean, ending in New Orleans. Learn about New Orleans the way you want.


    But most important of all, no matter what your preferences are, there are two constants on every Road Scholar educational adventure: You’re guaranteed to learn a lot and meet great people.

    Until the next time!

    P.S. Check out my absolute favorite tool on our website, our Advanced Search tool. Here, you can select all the criteria you want: place, price, date, activity level, dietary requests and much more. It’s like creating your own custom learning adventure. See for yourself!

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