1. A Call to Service: Making a Difference With Road Scholar

    “That program was truly a turning point in my life!” 

    Mary made our day when she told us that. She had just returned from our Service Learning program, Maine Seabird Biology and Conservation, where she helped restore the seabird population on Hog Island, Maine. She said…

    “Hog Island is a place that gets into your soul and recharges your spirit. I went for a week in June with Road Scholar, returned two weeks later, and attended another Service Learning program in September. These Road Scholar programs rekindled my love of nature.”

    Many Road Scholar learning adventures evoke this kind of powerful sentiment, but none quite like our Service Learning programs. They combine the rewarding experience of volunteering with a once-a-lifetime learning adventure. You lend a helping hand as you experience fascinating aspects of local life in locations throughout the United States and around the world. You can care for animals at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, preserve coral reef in Belize or tutor in a Navajo Reservation school. There are more than 30 wonderful and diverse Service Learning programs to choose from.

    A Service Learning group in Yellowstone National Park

    We’ve heard back from many generous participants whose lives were deeply impacted by their Road Scholar Service Learning program. Linda, who served on a Habitat build program in Louisiana, had this to say about her experience:

    “The Road Scholar program combined interesting people with an interesting travel experience.  We always get more than we give, and we feel it’s necessary to volunteer because giving back is a part of life.”

    Linda’s efforts even became the subject of a popular YouTube video. Click the image below to watch:

    Others, like Rick, were impressed by the bonding that occurs on these truly unique programs:  

    “A quite remarkable thing about these Service programs is how quickly friendships are made, as we all pursue the common goal of helping the community.”

    Not only does Service Learning with Road Scholar mean helping worthy causes, it also means you are intimately connected with local people and experiences that few visitors ever get to see. A portion of your program cost may even be tax-deductible! Click here to view a collection of Service Learning opportunities in the U.S. and around the world.

    For more information on these and other Service Learning programs, call toll free (800) 454-5768 or visit www.roadscholar.org and search for the keyword “Service Learning.” 

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