1. What’s so hard about making new friends?

    Think of your friends. Think of friends from your childhood. Think of friends from college. Think of friends you made at work. Think of friends in your neighborhood. Now imagine them all together in one great group photo.

    When I imagine a photo of all the friends of my life, I see the best parts of who I am.

    From my friend Ginger, I learned to travel with an open mind and no preconceptions. From my friend Karen, I learned the value of living an honest life. From my friends here at Road Scholar, I’ve learned that food can be healthy and delicious. From my friend Mort, who recently passed away at 92, I learned the importance of saving and not being wasteful.

    As we get older, having the influence and inspiration of friends is just as important as ever. The ironic thing is that making new friends can be harder than ever. It takes time and effort to push open doors, not to mention even having the opportunity to meet new people.

    That’s what I love about Road Scholar.

    When I join a Road Scholar learning adventure, I know I’ll meet people who have a shared passion. I’ll meet people open to new experiences. And I’ll meet people who love to learn.

    I can almost guarantee that on every Road Scholar program, friendships are formed. Sometimes it’s just for the time the group spends together, but more often than not, friendships transcend the Road Scholar experience and take on a life of their own. Many people even fall in love. We hear it all the time.

    Friendship is such an important element of the Road Scholar experience, we made it part of the theme for our 40th Anniversary celebrations in 2015. We even created a friendship contest, so our participants can tell us how their friendships have formed or have been deepened with Road Scholar. See the contest details here and send us your entry! We’ve already gotten some great stories we can’t wait to share.

    I’d love to hear your suggestions on how to make new friends. Just add your ideas to the comments below!


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